The IImpact of Technology on the Environment and How Environmental Technology Could Save Our Planet

December 7, 2020

This text takes a have a look at the paradoxical ideology that whereas the effect of know-how on the atmosphere has been extremely damaging, the idea of environmental know-how might save our planet from the hurt that has been achieved. This concept is supported by WWF 1, who’s acknowledged that though know-how is an answer enabler additionally it is a part of the issue.

The time period ‘know-how’ refers back to the utility of scientific data for sensible functions and the equipment and gadgets developed because of this. We’re at present dwelling in an interval of fast change, the place technological developments are revolutionising the way in which we stay, simultaneously main us additional into the depths of disaster within the type of local weather change and useful resource shortage.

This text will start by discussing the damaging effect of know-how on the atmosphere because of the causation of a few of the world’s most extreme environmental issues, adopted by the potential that it has to avoid wasting the planet from those self-same issues. Lastly, it’s going to discover the actual environmental know-how of the gasoline sensor and talk about the way it performs an element within the mitigation of damaging environmental penalties.

The Impact of Technology on the Environment

The commercial revolution has led to new applied sciences with immense energy. This was the transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe and the USA, within the interval from about 1760 to 1840. This has been succeeded by continued industrialisation and additional technological developments in developed nations all over the world, and the effect of this know-how on the atmosphere has included the misuse and injury of our pure earth.

These applied sciences have broken our world in two major methods; air pollution and the depletion of pure sources.

1. Air and water air pollution

Air air pollution happens when dangerous or extreme portions of gases similar to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and methane are launched into the earth’s environment. The principle sources all relate to applied sciences which emerged following the economic revolution such because the burning of fossil fuels, factories, energy stations, mass agriculture and automobiles. The results of air air pollution embody damaging well-being impacts for people and animals and world warming, whereby the elevated quantity of greenhouse gases within the air lure thermal vitality within the Earth’s environment and trigger the worldwide temperature to rise.

Water air pollution then again is the contamination of water our bodies similar to lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater, normally resulting from human actions. A number of the most typical water pollution are home waste, industrial effluents and pesticides and pesticides. A particular instance is the discharge of inadequately handled wastewater into pure water our bodies, which may result in degradation of aquatic ecosystems. Different detrimental results embody ailments similar to typhoid and cholera, eutrophication and the destruction of ecosystems which negatively impacts the meals chain.

2. Depletion of pure sources

Useful resource depletion is one other damaging effect of know-how on the atmosphere. It refers back to the consumption of a useful resource quicker than it may be replenished. Pure sources encompass these which might be in existence without people having created them and they are often both renewable or non-renewable. There are a number of sorts of useful resource depletion, with probably the most extreme being aquifer depletion, deforestation, mining for fossil fuels and minerals, contamination of sources, soil erosion and overconsumption of sources. These primarily happen because of agriculture, mining, water utilization and consumption of fossil fuels, all of which have been enabled by developments in know-how.

As a result of growing world inhabitants, ranges of pure useful resource degradation are additionally growing. This has resulted within the estimation of the world’s eco-footprint to be one and a half instances the flexibility of the earth to sustainably present every particular person with sufficient sources that meet their consumption ranges. Because the industrial revolution, large-scale mineral and oil exploration have been growing, inflicting increasingly pure oil and mineral depletion. Mixed with developments in know-how, improvement and analysis, the exploitation of minerals has to turn out to be simpler and people are subsequently digging deeper to entry extra which has led to many sources getting into right into a manufacturing decline.

Furthermore, the consequence of deforestation has by no means been extra extreme, with the World Financial institution reporting that the online lack of world forest between 1990 and 2015 was 1.three million km2. That is primarily for agricultural causes but in addition, logging for gasoline and making a house for residential areas, inspired by growing inhabitants strain. Not solely does this lead to a lack of bushes that are essential as they take away carbon dioxide from the environment, however, 1000’s of crops and animals lose their pure habitats and have to turn out to be extinct.

Environmental Technology

Regardless of the damaging effect of know-how on atmosphere, the latest rise in world concern for local weather change has led to the event of recent environmental know-how aiming to assist clear up a few of the largest environmental issues that we face as a society by a shift in direction of an extra sustainable, low-carbon economic system. Environmental know-how is also called ‘inexperienced’ or ‘clear’ know-how and refers back to the improvement of recent applied sciences which purpose to preserve, monitor or cut back the damaging effect of know-how on the atmosphere and the consumption of sources.

The Paris settlement, signed in 2016, has obliged virtually every nation on the earth to undertake formidable efforts to fight local weather change by protecting the rise within the world common temperature at lower than 2°C above pre-industrial ranges.

This part will concentrate on the constructive effect of know-how on the atmosphere because of the event of environmental know-how similar to renewable vitality, ‘good know-how’, electrical automobiles and carbon dioxide removing.

  • Renewable vitality

Renewable vitality, also called ‘clear vitality’, is vitality that’s collected from renewable sources that are naturally replenished similar to daylight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal warmth. Fashionable environmental know-how has enabled us to seize this naturally occurring vitality and convert it into electrical energy or helpful warmth by gadgets similar to photo voltaic panels, wind and water generators, which displays an extremely constructive effect of know-how on the atmosphere.

Having overtaken coal in 2015 to turn out to be our second-largest generator of electrical energy, renewable sources at present produce greater than 20% of the UK’s electrical energy, and EU targets implies that that is prone to enhance to 30% by 2020. Whereas many renewable vitality tasks are large-scale, renewable applied sciences are additionally suited to distant areas and creating nations, the place vitality is commonly essential in human improvement.

The price of renewable vitality applied sciences similar to photovoltaic panels and wind generators are falling and authorities funding is on the rise. This has contributed in direction of the quantity of rooftop photovoltaic installations in Australia rising from roughly 4,600 households to over 1.6 million between 2007 and 2017.

  • Good know-how

Good dwelling know-how makes use of gadgets similar to linking sensors and different home equipment linked to the Web of Issues (IoT) that may be remotely monitored and programmed as a way to be as vitality environment friendly as doable and to answer the wants of the customers.

The Web of Issues (IoT) is a community of internet-connected objects capable of acquiring and change knowledge utilizing embedded sensor applied sciences. This knowledge permits gadgets within the community to autonomously ‘make choices’ primarily based on real-time info. For instance, clever lighting methods solely illuminate areas that require it and a wise thermostat retains houses at sure temperatures throughout sure instances of day, subsequently lowering wastage.

This environmental know-how has been enabled by elevated connectivity to the web because of the rise in availability of WiFi, Bluetooth and good sensors in buildings and cities. Specialists are predicting that cities of the long run can be locations the place each automobile, cellphone, air conditioner, gentle and extra are interconnected, bringing in regards to the idea of vitality environment-friendly ‘good cities’.

The know-how of the web additional demonstrates a constructive effect of know-how on the atmosphere resulting from the truth that social media can elevate the consciousness of world challenge and worldwide digital laboratories may be created. Specialists from totally different fields can remotely share their analysis, expertise and concepts as a way to give you improved options. As well as, the journey is decreased as conferences/communication between buddies and households may be achieved nearly, which reduces air pollution from transport emissions.

  • Electrical automobiles

The environmental know-how of the electrical automobile is propelled by a number of electrical motors, utilizing vitality saved in rechargeable batteries. Since 2008, there was a rise within the manufacturing of electrical automobiles because of the want to scale back environmental issues similar to air air pollution and greenhouse gases within the environment.

Electrical automobiles show a constructive effect of know-how on the atmosphere as a result of they don’t produce carbon emissions, which contribute in direction of the ‘greenhouse impact’ and results in world warming. Moreover, they don’t contribute to air air pollution, that means they’re cleaner and fewer dangerous to human well being, animals, crops, and water.

There have just lately been a number of environmental know-how authorities incentives encouraging plug-in automobiles, tax credit and subsidies to advertise the introduction and adoption of electrical automobiles. Electrical automobiles might doubtlessly be the way in which ahead for a greener society as a result of corporations similar to Bloomberg have predicted that they might turn out to be cheaper than petrol automobiles by 2024 and in keeping with Nissan, there at the moment are in reality extra electrical automobile charging stations within the UK than gasoline stations.

  • ‘Direct Air Seize’ (DAC) – Environmental Know-how eradicating Carbon from the environment

For a barely extra formidable know-how to conclude with, the thought of pulling carbon dioxide instantly out of the environment has been circulating local weather change mitigation analysis for years, nonetheless, it has solely just lately been carried out and continues to be within the early phases of improvement.

The environmental know-how is called ‘Direct Air Seize’ (DAC) and is the method of capturing carbon dioxide instantly from the ambient air and producing a concentrated stream of CO2 for sequestration or utilisation. The air is then pushed by a filter by many massive followers, the place CO2 is eliminated. It’s thought that this know-how can be utilized to handle emissions from distributed sources, similar to exhaust fumes from automobiles. Full-scale DAC operations are capable of taking up the equal quantity of carbon to the annual emissions of 250,000 common automobiles.

Many argue that DAC is crucial for local weather change mitigation and that it could possibly assist attain the Paris Local weather Settlement objectives, as carbon dioxide within the air has been the primary reason behind the issue in spite of everything. Nevertheless, the excessive value of DAC at present implies that it isn’t a possibility on a big scale and a few images that reliance on this know-how would pose a danger as it could cut back emission discount as folks could also be underneath the pretence that each one of their emissions will merely be eliminated.

Though we can’t reverse the damaging effect of know-how on the atmosphere attributable to industrialisation, many imagine that new environmental know-how, similar to renewable vitality mixed with good logistics and electrical transport, has the potential to deliver in regards to the fast decarbonisation of our economic system and the mitigation of additional detrimental hurt.

How can the environmental know-how of Edinburgh Sensors’ Fuel Sensor contribute?

Sensors play an enormous half within the constructive effect of know-how on the atmosphere as they typically play an important function within the monitoring and discount of dangerous actions. At Edinburgh Sensors, we produce bespoke gasoline sensing know-how which can be utilized throughout a variety of functions, a lot of which can be utilized to mitigate environmental issues. This text presents simply three of those functions; the monitoring of greenhouse gasoline emissions, the monitoring of methane utilizing an infrared sensor and the detection of gases utilizing a UAV drone.

  1. Monitoring of Greenhouse Fuel emissions: 

Edinburgh Sensors Gascard NG offers prime quality, correct and dependable measurements of CO, CO2 and CH4. To learn how we will help you with the measurement of greenhouse gasoline emissions, merely contact us.

  1. Utilizing an Infrared Sensor for dependable Methane monitoring: 

Edinburgh Sensors’ Gascard NG is used for methane detection in a variety of analysis, industrial, and environmental functions together with air pollution monitoring, agricultural analysis, chemical processes and lots of extras.

  1. Utilizing a UAV drone hooked up to a gasoline sensor to measure dangerous gases:

From monitoring world warming to monitoring the unfold of air pollution, there are various causes to make use of a drone as a way to monitor carbon dioxide, methane and different hydrocarbon gasoline concentrations in distant or harmful areas.

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