‘Dancing dragon’ feathered dinosaur fossil discovered in China

August 30, 2020
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(Gossip Grasp) — About 120 million years in the past, a “dancing dragon” lived in China’s Jehol Province. The invention of a fossil belonging to the small feathered dinosaur is new to science and helps bridge the hole between dinosaurs and birds.

Researchers named the dinosaur Wulong bohaiensis, which interprets to “a dancing dragon.”

The dinosaur was concerning the dimension of a raven however double its size with an extended, bony tail. Its whole physique was coated with feathers, full with two plumes on the tail’s finish.

Regardless of its small dimension, it had a fierce, slim face and a mouth filled with the sharp tooth. Like a chicken, it had small, gentle bones and wing-like forelimbs. And there have been additionally numerous feathers on its legs.

The fossil was initially found within the fossil-filled Jehol Province a decade in the past by a farmer and was positioned in China’s Dalian Pure Historical past Museum.

Researchers, together with Ashley Post, a postdoctoral researcher on the San Diego Pure Historical past Museum, later analyzed the fossil (on the time, Post was nonetheless a pupil at Montana State College).

The findings had been revealed final week within the journal The Anatomical Record.

“The brand new dinosaur matches in with an unbelievable [range] of feathered, winged animals which can be intently associated to the origin of birds,” Post, the research’s writer, mentioned. “Finding out specimens like this not solely reveals us the typically stunning paths that historical life has taken, but in addition permits us to check concepts about how necessary chicken traits, together with flight, arose within the distant previous.”

This dinosaur was a juvenile when it died, based on its bones, however, its feathers resembled that of a mature grownup. This means that the feathers grew rapidly, not like fashionable birds, which take time to develop their mature feathers.

“Both the younger dinosaurs wanted these tail feathers for some perform we do not find out about, or they had been rising their feathers actually in a different way from most residing birds,” Post mentioned.

The dinosaur was an early relative of Velociraptors, which lived 75 million years in the past. Its contemporaries would have been Microraptors, small feathered dinosaurs that resembled birds.

The researchers truly sliced into a number of bones from the fossil and studied them with microscopes to know the completely different areas of the skeleton. In addition they, in contrast, it to a detailed relative that additionally appeared extra mature, generally known as the Sinornithosaurus.

Surprisingly, that dinosaur was additionally nonetheless rising when it died. The researchers mentioned that histology, or chopping up the bones, was the one method for them to really know the life stage of the dinosaurs after they died.

“We’re speaking about animals that lived twice as way back as T. rex, so it is fairly superb how well-preserved they’re,” Post mentioned. “It is actually very thrilling to see inside these animals for the primary time.”

Fossils from the Jehol Province have painted a portrait of the various life that after flourished there. It is a space in northeastern China filled with exceptionally preserved fossil discoveries that have been studied for the previous 90 years.

Researchers discovered that birds, pterosaurs and bird-like dinosaurs all lived within the surroundings on the identical time. That is additionally when flowering crops initially started to flourish.

“There was numerous flying, gliding and flapping around these historical lakes,” Post mentioned. “As we proceed to find extra concerning the variety of those small animals, it turns into fascinating how all of them might need match into the ecosystem. It was an alien world, however with a number of the earliest feathers and earliest flowers, it could have been a reasonable one.”

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