4. Congrats to BenjyFishy on reaching a million subs on YouTube!

5. Plenty of drama happening this week within the BR world, like Ninja and Tfue reviving their rivalry (sure, I might thoroughly assist a charity boxing match between the 2, it might generate a ton of buzz, and if they’re each prepared individuals it might elevate a TON of cash for trigger) or Workforce Ninja is going backward and forwards with xQc / Alinity on Twitter. All I’ve to say about that is that controversy creates money. Take into consideration that the subsequent time you see any public drama and trash speak, anyplace. CONTROVERSY. CREATES. CASH.

6. There’s one fast factor I wish to say concerning the ongoing story about Dr. Disrespect: take every little thing you learn with a grain of salt as a result of the longer we do not definitively hear what the trigger for his permanent ban is, the new hypothesis will likely be on the market. This has gripped the gaming world, partly as a result of such a significant move has been taken towards such a preferred streamer, and partly as a result of we do not have a lot of concrete details about the matter after several days. The hypothesis is a real human factor to do, however listening to one thing in some instances, regardless of how outlandish it’s, can result in believing that factor, so we’ve to watch out.