40 Fantastic Facts About Science Fiction That Became Reality

August 22, 2020

“It’s troublesome to say what’s unimaginable; for the dream of yesterday is the hope of immediately and the fact of tomorrow Science Fiction.”

Science Fiction films, books, and TV reveals have lengthy been predictors and inspirations for invention. From debit playing cards to cell telephones to submarines, most of the innovations imagined in Science Fiction have grown to be a part of our actuality. In lots of instances, Science Fiction didn’t merely predict but in addition conjures up the real-life invention.

1. Good Properties

A 1999 Disney channel film known as Good Home featured a robotic known as PAT (Private Utilized Know-how) that may make telephone calls, management the temperature, begin music and even adapt dinner menus. The Amazon Echo and Google Residence are sensible digital assistants that may help with buying, management the opposite sensible units in your house, stream music, and handle your calendar.


2. Robotic Exoskeleton

The US navy’s TALOS (Tactical Assault Mild Operator Swimsuit) is much like the swimsuit worn by Iron Man. It’s in a position to beat back bullets and has inner sensors and computer systems designed to offer higher situational consciousness. It is going to additionally rework from liquid to strong when an electrical present is launched, permitting it to be snug exterior of the fight. The swimsuit is geared at Navy SEALS and particular forces, and a prototype is anticipated someday in 2018.

3. Wearable Tech

In 2017, sensible watches have gotten extra commonplace, however, a model of the sensible watch first made a look in The Jetsons cartoon again in 1962. Elroy’s good friend had a watch that he may use to look at the most recent episode of The Flinstones, and the display was full-color.

4. Superstorms

Within the movie The Day After Tomorrow, world warming causes an unlimited superstorm that units of a sequence of pure disasters worldwide. In the summertime of 2017, a sequence of devastating hurricanes hit the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, bearing some eerie similarities to the storm depicted within the film.

5. Robotic Maids

The Jetsons, an animated program from the 60s, had a robotic maid named Rosie who accomplished common family duties reminiscent of cleansing, cooking and deciding on garments for the characters. In 2016, Elon Musk introduced his new robotics agency Open AI is growing home robots that may carry out primary family chores (after all, we have already got Roombas).

6. Actual Individuals on T.V.

Whereas The Operating Man is seen as a precursor to actuality present competitions like Survivor, one other movie, The Truman Present, predicted a present that turned life into actuality TV. Exhibits like Teen MotherHuge Brother, and Duck Dynasty are all much like the film, and “the Truman Present delusion,” the place folks consider their lives are an actuality present, can also be named after it. Episodes of The Twilight Zone and the quick movie The Secret Cinema (1968) additionally present similarities to The Truman Present.

7. Bluetooth

Should you’ve ever seen an individual strolling down the road seemingly speaking to themselves, they’re seemingly utilizing a Bluetooth earpiece. In Star Trek, Uhura, communications officer aboard the Enterprise, wore a large silver earpiece whereas sitting on the communications station.

8. On-line Metaverse

In his 1992 novel Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson described a totally immersive on-line “metaverse” the place folks work together with each other by means of representations, or “avatars.” The inventor of the web neighbourhood Second Life had been taking part in with the thought of digital worlds since school, however, the novel painted the image of what it may appear to be sooner or later.

9. Brainy Primates

The Planet of the Apes sequence imagined a world dominated by clever apes whose rise was the results of scientific experimentation to enhance intelligence. In 2012, college researchers launched findings that the neural efficiency of primates might be improved by stimulation. When the right alerts have been fired into their neurons, their efficiency improved by 10%. Whereas not fairly world domination ranges but, who is aware of how a lot smarter chimps can grow to be.

10. Multimedia Framework

Apple’s QuickTime Software program was a groundbreaking multimedia platform able to deal with video, sound, animation, graphics, textual content, interactivity, and music. Its creator Steve Perlman has said that his inspiration for the software program got here after watching an episode of Star Trek TNG the place a personality was listening to a number of tracks on his pc concurrently.

11. Hanging Similarities

The 1969 sci-fi novel Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner accommodates some superb parallels to 21st century tradition. Within the novel’s model of 2010 America, Obomi is president, the nation is tormented by random acts of violence reminiscent of faculty shootings and terrorist assaults, automobiles are powered by rechargeable electrical gasoline cells, and individuals are skipping marriage in favor of short-term hookups. Oh, and Detroit is a wasteland that has nonetheless developed digital music. Sound acquainted?

12. Mechanical Arms

Well-known Science Fiction creator Robert Heinlein revealed a brief story in 1945 about bodily disabled inventor Waldo F. Jones, who creates a remotely operated mechanical hand. The true-life manipulator arms that have been developed for the nuclear business have been named “Waldos” as an acknowledgement of Heinlein’s concept.

13. Telecommunication Relay

In 1945, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a manuscript known as The House Station: Its Radio Functions. In it, he speculated that geosynchronous satellites could be used for telecommunications relays, and most notably, tv alerts. This was lengthy earlier than broadcast tv was an industrial problem.

14. Tactical Middle

E.E. “Doc” Smith’s “Lensmen” novels of the 1930s and 40s chronicled the adventures of a futuristic Galactic Patrol, however, in addition, they impressed a US naval officer to introduce the idea of a fight info heart aboard a warship.

15. Air Contact Know-how

Whereas a number of films and TV reveals predicted the touchscreen interface, the movie Minority Report was most correct in predicting how common contact know-how would grow to be. In 2013, researchers on the College of Bristol introduced “ultrahaptic” know-how, which permits for touchscreen know-how without the touching—identical to within the film.

16. Huge Brother

In January 2017, George Orwell’s 1949 novel 1984 made a recent look atop the bestseller checklist; the e-book predicted a number of features of the trendy world. Orwell wrote of a post-nuclear dystopian state monitored by an interconnected net of safety cameras. Within the 21st century, video surveillance is part of on a regular basis life, and people may be tracked by means of GPS.

17. Actuality T.V.

5 years earlier than the primary actuality tv present aired an episode, the film The Operating Man (based mostly on a novel by Stephen King) starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a person compelled to take part in a violent recreation present the place he’s hunted by characters with names like Buzzsaw. A number of years later, American Gladiators premiered, and bore various similarities to The Operating Man.

18. Temper-Altering Medication

Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel Courageous New World was eerily prophetic. One of many novel’s most important creations is soma, a mood-altering medication that retains folks sane. Earlier than 1950, antidepressants weren’t even the topic of scientific experimentation, not to mention in common use.

19. Tossing Tech

The film Blade Runner (based mostly on a narrative by Philip Okay. Dick) predicted how the world would finally use know-how. Within the film, identical to many of the know-how in dystopian Los Angeles, replicants are disposable and changed every 4 years. Within the 21st century, folks toss and change their tech and home equipment as quickly as there’s something new to interchange them with.

20. Scanadu Scout

The medical tricorder used within the Star Trek sequence may immediately diagnose just about something. At present, the smartphone app Scanadu Scout can provide your vitals in the event you simply maintain it to your temple.

21. Mutually Assured Destruction

Robert Heinlein’s 1940 quick story “Resolution Unsatisfactory” imagined a future world the place America develops an atomic weapon that ends WWII. This motion launches the remainder of the world right into a nuclear arms race to maintain up. The story was written earlier than the US had even entered WWII, and 5 years earlier than the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

22. The Automobile that Drives Itself

In 1964, after attending the World’s Honest, Isaac Asimov wrote an article for the New York Instances predicting what innovations could be on show in 50 years. His essay predicted “robot-brain automobiles,” which might be able to self-driving. In 2017, firms reminiscent of Google, Apple, and Tesla have been testing this know-how.

23. Mission to Mars

Robert Goddard was an American scientist who efficiently constructed and launched the primary liquid-fueled rocket in 1926. He grew to become concerned with spaceflight after studying a newspaper serialization of the H.G. Wells novel Conflict of the Worlds. The concept of interplanetary flight gripped his creativeness, and as he wrote in his autobiography, he “imagined how fantastic it will be to make some machine which had even the potential of ascending to Mars.”

24. Thomas A. Swift’s Electrical Rifle

Youngsters rising up within the early 1900s would have been conversant in the Tom Swift sequence of books. Within the books, the primary character Tom Swift made use of a stun gun. When NASA physicist Jack Clover invented the taser, he gave it that title as a nod to the sequence. TASER really stands for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electrical Rifle.”

25. Lunar Touchdown

One other one among Jules Verne’s tales predicted features of the 1969 manned Apollo 11 lunar touchdown. In From the Earth to the Moon, Verne’s astronauts have been launched from Florida in an aluminum capsule. He additionally made some amazingly correct calculations as to how a lot drive could be wanted to propel the rocket out of Earth’s environment.

26. Google Glass

In Star Trek, the Dominion wore headsets that allowed them to see exterior their ships with solely a head flip. This digital show machine is much like Google Glass: a tiny display simply exterior your direct imaginative and prescient that plugs into your entire know-how.

27. The Way forward for Flight

Igor Sikorsky, the inventor of the trendy helicopter, was impressed by the Jules Verne e-book Robur the Conqueror, during which the primary character builds a plane out of pressboard and flies by way of rotors. On the time, early prototypes for helicopters already existed, however, Verne took these prototypes additional, imagining the methods they might develop.

28. Full-Physique Scans

The 1990 movie Complete Recall portrayed high-speed, full physique safety scanners. In 2016, Boston-based Evolv Know-how introduced plans for the primary public trials of A.I.-powered high-speed physique scanners.

29. Picturephones

AT&T first demonstrated shopper video conferencing on the 1964 World’s Honest, however, the first dialogue of the thought appeared in Hugo Gernsback’s Ralph 124c 41+. Printed in Trendy Electronics journal in 1911, the story included a tool known as the “telephot” that allowed folks to have eye contact whereas talking throughout lengthy distances.

30. Erasing Reminiscence

The film Everlasting Sunshine of the Spotless Thoughts imagined a process the place recollections may be erased. In 2013, scientists have been testing a drug that blocked sure sorts of recollections in animals with a single dose. Three-month-old recollections of lab rats have been erased, and weeks later, there was no signal of the reminiscence returning.

31. Mild-propelled Spacecraft

Jules Verne’s 1865 From the Earth to the Moon speculated a few light-propelled spacecraft. That know-how exists immediately in photo voltaic sails, that are a type of spacecraft propulsion utilized by NASA.

32. Broadcast Information

In his 1889 article “Within the yr 2889,” Jules Verne predicted an alternative choice to newspapers. As a substitute of being printed, the information of the day was spoken to subscribers. The primary newscast occurred 30 years later, and the primary tv newscast occurred 28 years after that. By 1974, thousands and thousands of individuals may watch vital occasions on their televisions.

33. Thimble Radios

In 1953 when Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 was revealed, transportable headphones already existed, however, they have been huge and ugly, and so they weighed a ton. Bradbury’s description of “little seashells…thimble radios” precisely describes earbud headphones, which didn’t come into broad use till 2000.

34. Private Entry Show System

One other Star Trek invention to cross into actuality is the PADD, a tool first seen in Star Trek TNG within the late 80s. The PADD, or Private Entry Show System, bore a robust resemblance to immediately’s iPads and utilized an identical clean, flat, touch-screen interface.

35. Metallic Conflict Machines

Along with Jules Verne, H.G. Wells was one other nice predictor of future applied sciences. In his 1903 story “The Land Ironclads,” he took present metal-hulled warfare ships and put them on land. These machines have been precursors to the trendy tank, which have been first deployed on the battlefield 13 years later through the battle of Somme. Leonardo da Vinci, nonetheless, might need to be obtained there first: he too had tank-like drawings.

36. Can You Hear Me Now?

One other well-known Star Trek gadget was the communicator, which seems to be much like the cell-phones of immediately. Martin Cooper, who oversaw the invention of the primary cell phone within the 70s, instantly credited Star Trek for uplifting his imaginative and prescient.

37. Underwater Exploration

Jules Verne’s works spawned various innovations, essentially the most well-known of which is the electrical submarine. In his novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Below the Sea, he imagined an important underwater ship powered by electrical energy. The novel impressed American inventor Simon Lake; he invented his personal submarine known as the Argonaut in 1898.

38. Common Credit score

In his 1888 novel Wanting Backward, Edward Bellamy launched the idea of common credit score: The residents of his future utopia carried a card with them that allowed them to spend credit score from a central financial institution, and not using a want for paper cash.

39. Our on-line world

In his 1984 novel Neuromancer, novelist William Gibson predicted hacking, digital actuality, the world broad net, and our on-line world a decade earlier than the web took the shape we all know immediately. In a re-release of the novel for its 20th anniversary, Jack Womack instructed that Gibson’s creation of our on-line world could even have spurred the event of the net.

40. 3D Printers

Followers of Star Trek will bear in mind the replicator. Replicators have been units able to immediately materializing virtually any object with an easy command. Whereas 3D printers can’t fairly pull objects out of skinny air, they do act equally to replicators, reproducing jewellery, meals, and even physique elements. Many tech consultants consider that because the know-how improves, they’ll resemble replicators much more intently.

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